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This Money Map will help you:

  • Clear the path to making more money
  • Learn the hidden "mind, body, money connection"
  • Clear the "secret inner set points" that limit and/or sabotage income and create debt cycles
  • Create a personal money map 
  • Get on the path to wealth

There are five kinds of money that have 3 distinct aspects that influence how wealth is created. This is real, deep excavational work that gets to the roots of an individual's deepest, underlying money issue. The healing comes through becoming conscious. Participants walk away with a personalized money map that reveals the exact next steps to completely new energy, action and destiny with money.

You’re not alone! We’ve helped other entrepreneurs with a deep calling like you to transform their programming around money starting with the consciousness revealed in this Free Confidential Money Map!

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...before I felt completely lost, unhopeful and unmotivated...

"Lisa is a compassionate and wise guide. Together we uncovered the deepest depths of my buried traumas and limiting beliefs in order to understand how these things have been blocking me from living a more fulfilling life. She helped me to recognize these patterns when they resurface and taught me powerful tools I can use to calm my nervous system and clear away the triggers that used to lead me into a downward spiral of anxiety and self-sabotage. Lisa has helped me to change my relationship to money, work and most of all my relationship to myself and how I go about reaching for my personal goals. I now feel I have a plan that works for me and the tools to face the tough stuff when it comes up. New opportunities have come my way and I am celebrating small steps toward progress instead of belittling them thanks to you. I now feel I have the valuable tools I need to take small steps forward where before I felt completely lost, unhopeful and unmotivated. I now believe my outrageous goals are possible and that I can do it..."
~Shastin Grace
Artist, Kauai


Allowing me to live my dreams with purpose and effortlessness...

“If you are feeling stuck, unable to move forward with ease or looking for Wise Spirit Woman support… SunWoman is the real deal! Working with her is such a lovely, inspiring, catalyzing experience. She lovingly and clearly, intuitively helps bring to light the most graceful path for your soul to shine!
I find her guided meditations/visualizations to be extra-ordinarily potent and her Soul Conscious one-on-one Coaching to be a huge support guiding me gently but rapidly into alignment allowing me to live my dreams with purpose and effortlessness. thank you, thank you, thank you ! "

~ Alison Grabel, Rolf Method Practitioner – California


Confidential Money Map:

Reset your level of income, savings

and the amount of debt in your life!

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