Meet Your Coach

Meet Your CoachTransformational Coach, Lisa Lemley shows women entrepreneurs who are struggling with self-doubt and feeling stuck how to overcome money blocks and use their true gifts to live their dream life.

Lisa Lemley has x-ray vision for seeing the fears and limiting beliefs that keep success minded people limited in their money and personal power. An accomplished Transformation Coach and Emotional Freedom Technique (“Tapping”) expert, Lisa delivers high-impact transformation that clears the inner blocks to wealth and success and creates the “on-fire enthusiasm and charisma” that is key to skyrocketing wealth.

Lisa believes that when each of us shares our unique gift, there will be harmony in the world. This is when each of us is giving from our hearts and being seen and valued for our authentic selves. It is time to heed the clarion call and for women to stop playing smaller than they are.

After seven years in hotel management and supporting a team in opening hotels overseas, Lisa left corporate and shifted to supporting entrepreneurs and small retreat centers with their sales and finances. When leaving her well paid corporate job, she says, “it wasn’t easy to trust that I could make it on my own.” She was encouraged and inspired by the thriving entrepreneurs around her and yet she struggled with her own self-doubt. When her 3rd long term relationship ended where his money blocks had been rectified with her assistance and she remained struggling, she made a commitment to herself to change. This is when she discovered a system to clear her blocks to money and living her dream life. It has become her mission to be a resource for women with a deep calling who are ready to stop procrastinating and have their life finally make sense.

Lisa reaches her raving fans all over the globe through YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram and the Sun Woman Newsletter.

Outside of her passion for coaching and supporting spiritually driven entrepreneurs, Lisa loves the outdoors, alchemy in the kitchen with food as medicine, ecstatic dance, yoga, and hot springs.

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Shastin Grace
"Lisa is a compassionate and wise guide. Together we uncovered the deepest depths of my buried traumas and limiting beliefs in order to understand how these things have been blocking me from living a more fulfilling life. She helped me to recognize these patterns when they resurface and taught me powerful tools I can use to calm my nervous system and clear away the triggers that used to lead me into a downward spiral of anxiety and self-sabotage. Lisa has helped me to change my relationship to money, work and most of all my relationship to myself and how I go about reaching for my personal goals. I now feel I have a plan that works for me and the tools to face the tough stuff when it comes up. New opportunities have come my way and I am celebrating small steps toward progress instead of belittling them thanks to you. I now feel I have the valuable tools I need to take small steps forward where before I felt completely lost, unhopeful and unmotivated. I now believe my outrageous goals are possible and that I can do it..."
~Shastin Grace
Artist, Kauai

Lisa has been an instrumental force in guiding me as an artist and a writer to succeed in my greater vision for my career. She has an amazing intuitive talent for creating the most beautiful customized guided meditations which are tremendously supportive of deep emotional transformation. Her unique coaching style is clear, spiritual, and effective. I recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to increase momentum in the direction of their greatest aspirations, and goals. –

Love you Lisa!

Limor Farber
Artist and Author, Kauai

In only two weeks, the work Lisa and I have done together has already had a profound effect on me. New ideas and pathways are opening up and I am finding the will and excitement to make the changes needed to fulfill my purpose despite how challenging it sometimes is.



Coaching with Lisa Lemley was very powerful for me. She asked many questions which revealed insights about my life. I have many challenging things going on at the moment and huge decisions to make. Lisa helped me to get focused on my gifts and live in a higher state of vibration. I highly recommend Lisa’s coaching to anyone who is looking to find their purpose and have a happier and more fulfilling life.

Anne Plath,
Health Coach, New Jersey

Lisa’s coaching comes from a safe foundation of integrity with a beautiful balance of working from her heart, intellectual wisdom and keen intuition. I am personally inspired by Lisa as a dear friend and Teacher.

Sharon Stubbs,
Massage Therapist, Hawaii

If you are feeling stuck, unable to move forward with ease or looking for Wise Spirit Woman support, SunWoman is the real deal! Working with her is such a lovely, inspiring, catalyzing experience. She lovingly and clearly, intuitively helps bring to light the most graceful path for your soul to shine! I was initially interested in working with Lisa Moonjata Lemley as a Rolf Method Practitioner personally obsessed with movement with ease and the process of manifestation. I find her guided meditations/visualizations and Shamanic Massages to be extraordinarily potent and her Soul Conscious one-on-one Coaching to be huge support guiding me gently but rapidly into alignment allowing me to live my dreams with purpose and effortlessness. She is such a karmic gift. SunWoman Lisa Moonjata Lemley, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Alison Grabel,
Rolf Method Structural Integrator, California

My sense of well-being and fulfillment in pursuing my passions were compromised. I was needing a drastic change. After working with Lisa, new doors are opening to accommodate what I’m asking for.

Jenni Rose Pero,
Fine Artist, Hawaii